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Top 5 Reasons for Child Abduction

There are plenty of potential causes for child abduction, as abhorrent as it may be. No child deserves to be placed in such a dangerous situation, regardless of what decisions their parents have made. That’s why it’s up to you to prevent your child from being kidnapped and protect them with smart and responsible decision making. Keeping your eyes open for these 5 simple signs can be the difference between losing and keeping your child.

1. Family Disputesz

The number 1 cause of missing children is family. When your child is kidnapped, the first people you’re going to have to suspect are your family. The child’s other parents, aunts, and uncles, and even grandparents can have motivations for abducting them. Occasionally, even their own siblings may take them somewhere else, leaving you with two missing children. If any arguments have broken out about your child’s living situation, or other disputes that connect to them, be suspicious of anyone involved.

2. Black Market Adoption

This option is one of the most abhorrent. While it may disgust the mind of any good (and many bad) people, it’s important knowledge to have. If your child has anything that might make them valuable on the black market, whatever it might be, you may want to keep a closer eye on them than is expected. 

3. Extortion

If you or your spouse are wealthy or work in law enforcement, criminals may seek to use your child against you. If so, you’re going to want to keep an eye on them and should look into gaining additional security for your kid. 

4. Sex Trafficking

The worst. You don’t want to think about it. I’m sorry. But it’s a topic that is disturbingly possible. If you know of any sex offenders that live near you or someone who’s done this sort of thing in the past, point your finger at them. Do not leave your child alone with them, and try your best to avoid even letting them know your kids’ schedule. 

5. Mental Illness

Perhaps the saddest possibility, mentally ill people can gain a fixation on children. Perhaps it’s the innate kindness of children or a lack of control over themselves, but people can pose a threat to children. Make sure to avoid leaving your child alone with anyone who suffers from mental illness, though as long as you’re responsible, there may be some good to come of your child’s friendship with them. Be open-minded, but cautious first.

The Best Way to Be Safe – Monitoring!

If you want to try and see if anyone near you is a criminal or sex offender, Kids Live Safe is a fantastic tool. Use it to ensure you’re informed, which can translate directly into your child’s safety.  Additionally, Kids Live Safe has monitoring that you can easily set up for up to three locations that your children frequent, keeping you aware of any sex offender of convicted criminal that moves into your monitored areas.  They also work very hard to keep their database accurate since this is a paid service, your money can give you peace of mind that you are covering all bases when protecting your children.