Should Children Have Tablets And Smartphones? – The Pros And Cons
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Should Children Have Tablets And Smartphones? – The Pros And Cons

Mobile devices are so ubiquitous that even in low-income countries, the use of smartphones is pervasive. Today, it is common for children above 6 to use a tablet or smartphone daily. Smartphones and tablets are incredibly useful for communicating and doing productivity tasks but, despite their many benefits, mobile devices could also cause unwanted consequences, especially when used by very young children.

Pros Of Tablets And Smartphones

Smartphones and tablets are convenient not only for children, but also the rest of family members. With geo-tracking apps, parents will always know the real-time location of their children. When used properly, mobile devices could promote better social interactions with friends, regardless of their locations. With only Internet access, children can send messages and make video calls. It’s useful when children are doing their homework and they need assistance. Mobile devices are really be helpful to boost the learning process. Children can get any relevant information that can help them to understand learning material better. YouTube is an excellent resource for learning maths and art projects. There are many children learning apps for iOS and Android devices and learning with apps can be more effective because they can be used interactively. Parents should provide correct guidance on how to use mobile devices properly.

Cons Of Tablets And Smartphones

If children abuse the use of mobile devices, it can be a detrimental situation for them. Without parental guidance, children can spend more than five hours each day using mobile devices. Young teenagers tend to use smartphones more, and they may spend nearly eight hours per day on their devices. Addiction may cause lower academic grades because mobile devices are distracting and can reduce cognitive capacity.

Mobile devices have been shown to alter brain functions. When children spend too much time in front of the screen, it can cause the thinning of their brain cortex. This will deteriorate their cognitive abilities, perception skills and memory functions. Frequent use of mobile devices may also affect the quality and quantity of sleep. If children have sleep deprivation, it could lead to weakened immunity, reduced focus, depression, and moodiness. As children are turning into teenagers, they could start accessing questionable content, including pornography and violent videos. Targeted and deceptive ads could lure children to dangerous websites.

Without proper guidance, the cons of mobile devices may easily outweigh the pros. Parents shouldn’t allow children to use mobile devices for a long period of time and they should only give smartphones to children when they want to properly communicate with friends and do research for learning projects.

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