12 Things to Make Your Graduation Party Memorable in 2021
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12 Things to Make Your Graduation Party Memorable in 2021

Graduation is one of the most important and memorable events in a person’s life. It’s a time to say farewell to high school or university years and to move one step ahead in your life. So, who wouldn’t love to mark this achievement with a graduation party including their family and friends?

While hoping that COVID-19 is over when you graduate this year, there are numerous things that can make your graduation party a cherished event. You can choose a theme for your event and DIY or get things customized according to your likings, such as graduation plates and napkins, and graduation party cups.

To help you kick start your party planning, we listed down some fun and exciting ideas below!

1. The Memory Jar

The Memory Jar
What’s more exciting and emotional than going through a jar full of bits of memories? You can ask to designate a small decorated table for a small note and ask your guests to fill them. Collect these notes in a jar, and always keep them with you to carry on your next journey. After the party, the nostalgic memories from your time at school or college will make you relive the moments whenever you want.

2. Memory Chalkboard

Instead of keeping small notes, you can designate an entire chalkboard for your guests to write their memories with you or draw anything that you can cherish later. You can use chalkboard pens to make this easier and more permanent. While the memories of your celebration will last forever, it’s also lovely to have a keepsake to remind them of the day.

3. Custom-made Cake Toppers

Ordering a customized cake for a graduation party is quite common. But have you thought about a personalized cake topper? You can make the event more special by adding them to your cakes and cupcakes. The cake topper can have your name, year of graduation, degree, good wishes, or a graduation-related phrase, such as “Congratulations on graduating!” or “Class of 2021.” You can place these with your customized graduation plates and napkins.

4. Diploma Tortillas


They not only look cute but are delicious too! You can make these creating your favorite pinwheel filling, and spread them in tortillas. Roll them but do not cut them. Tie a 6- inch colored ribbon in the middle. Your diploma tortilla is ready! Serve them in graduation plates and napkins and service different flavored juices in the graduation party cups.

5. Instagram Hashtag

Instagram hashtags are very much in trend. You can make a hashtag to add a personal touch to your graduation party. Moreover, you and your guests will be able to look back on the pictures and the memories from the party. However, make a unique hashtag, so that once that hashtag is searched on Instagram, only your party pictures are there. This will allow you to create a gallery of the graduation party pictures easily.

6. Themed Yard Signs

Graduation parties in the yard open options for décor and fun. The decoration themed yard signs or the creative use of chalkboard and wooden signs allow your guests to find out where they have to join you for your graduation party. You can also decorate your lawn with pictures from your childhood to your graduation.

7. DIY Photobooth

DIY-PhotoboothCapture memories and laughter from your celebration in the form of fun DIY photo booth pictures. You will only need some photo props and a pretty backdrop, which you can make yourself or buy. You can be creative and use fabric the backdrop or create a trendy graduation themed wall or a flower wall. To give a more personalized touch, you can use your high school or university supplies or make your themed props to create unforgettable pictures.

8. Customized Photo Album

Today many people capture and save pictures on their mobiles or social media, because of which the use of photo albums has become rare. So, use photo albums in your graduation party and feel the nostalgia. Create a personalized album matka filled with pictures sent in by family and friends.

9. “Then and Now” Photo Wall

A photo wall with “then and now” pictures, i.e., from your school years to graduation years, will make you realize how much have you grown and changed, the struggles you faced, how your hard work made you climb the ladder of success, and the friends you made along the way. This will definitely be emotional but will make you feel accomplished too! You could also ask your guests to bring photos with them to pin up on the wall.

10. Memory Book

What’s cooler than a memory book that you can treasure forever. memories, quotes, and kind notes from family and friends will make you go down the memory lane. You can either order a customized guest book, or make one yourself. The main idea is to space for guests to write a comment with their names.

11. Degree Cookies

Degree Cookies

Dress your dessert table with these themed degree cookies while showcasing your baking skills. They are easy to make, and you can serve them with customized graduation cakes and napkins along with juices in graduation party cups.

12. Play Games


A graduation party is incomplete without some fun games. Here’s a list of activities, ice breakers, and games you can enjoy with your guests!

Guess Who?

Write the name of a teacher on a name tag or sticky notes. Stick it on the guest’s back when they enter. The guest has to ask the others yes or no questions regarding the teacher and guess who it is by the end of the party.

‘I Remember When’

This is an emotional, but a fun game. You will need lunch bags, one for each guest, along with pens and paper to write on. Place the bags and the paper so that every guest can write something they remember about the other guests and put it in their bag. Make sure to tell the guests only to share nice things.

Time Capsule

Ask your guests to predict your future. They will write down their opinion of where you will be and what you will have achieved in around 5, 10, or 15 years.


This is a classic among graduation party games. You will have to set up a small stage area and call each player one-by-one. Ask them questions to which they must avoid saying yes or no. For example: Do you like to travel? Allow up to 20 questions per player. They will be out if they hesitate for more than 5 seconds.

Talent Show

Though played at every party, this game is undoubtedly entertaining and a personal favorite for many. You can prepare a setup with lighting and arrange the music beforehand to suit every act. You can also ask the guests in the party invitation to prepare something for this game or even give them a theme.

Final Words

Celebrate your graduation journey in style. Whether you go for a causal graduation party, or a DIY-style celebration, your graduation party will indeed be memorable. Choose your favorite theme and use these ideas to create a party that you will love.

If you are from the batch of 2021, contact us to celebrate your achievement in a fun-filled and exciting way!

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