The Importance Of Showing Kindness During The Covid-19 Crisis
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The Importance Of Showing Kindness During The Covid-19 Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has been difficult for many people, children included. Many have been affected by the illness and a lot more are struggling financially, due to lockdown measures and a slow economy. If there’s one thing we need more of today, it is kindness. It’s time for people to understand what others are feeling and what they have gone through. If you treat people the way you would like to be treated, it is often enough to spread kindness and give everyone a more positive outlook on our current global situation.

With That Being Said, We Are Going To Take A Look At Some Reasons Why It’s Important To Show Kindness To Those Affected By The Covid-19 Pandemic: 

Build A Better Society- kindness will always come back to you, just like love, hate, selfishness, and generosity. If a community is built around kindness, love, and generosity, it will become stronger. During a crisis, people need one another more. It is easier for them to go through the difficult time and they can face challenge around them. You need to be willing to bear the burdens of others, so you will receive similar help in the future.

More Control- by being kind, you have more control of the situation. Participate more in social events to help those in need. People who are only concerned more about themselves will start to lose control if the situation is getting out of hand. With kindness, you can resolve many problems and gain respect from others.

Eliminate Anxiety- the pandemic has caused mental issues for many people.  By being kind, you can deal with anxiety much more easily. Your mind and spiritual state will get a much-needed break. Combined with relaxation, restful sleep, exercise and meditation, kindness works well in easing your consciousness. By focusing on others’ well-being and happiness, you will forget about your own problems.

Healthier Body- when you are feeling good about yourself, the brain will release a hormone called oxytocin. It also helps to reduce inflammation, which reduce risks of migraines, obesity, chronic pain, cancer, and diabetes. Oxytocin is a cardioprotective hormone because it expands blood vessels. Being kind can feel so good to your mind and body, that it will be an addictive habit to have. Once your body gets used to oxytocin, it won’t forget the comfortable and positive effects.

It Leads To Success- based on studies, compassionate people who don’t take advantage of others have greater chance of success. They have better relationships with people and it’s easier for them to build a network of professionals. Kindness breeds trust and people will value you more.

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