5 Signs You’ve Found the Right Childcare Centre
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5 Signs You’ve Found the Right Childcare Centre

There are many childcare providers in Australia, offering all types of care. From an early learning centre or family daycare offering long daycare or occasional care to out of school hours care. They offer a variety of teaching methods, hold different values, some offer extras, some exceed standards, and some are still working towards them. There are new centres and others have been around for decades. So, how do you know who’s the best? Here, we are going to look at 5 signs you’ve found the right childcare centre

Educators and Facilities

Before you enrol your child in childcare book a tour of the centres you prefer and be vigilant during your walk-through. Or, if your child is already going to a centre, make a visit or keep your eyes open when you collect and drop-off your child. Look at what the educators/carers are doing. Are they down on the ground with the children, interacting with them? Is any upset child being comforted? Are the children happy and involved? Do the premises look clean and well resourced? If the answers to the questions are yes, then it’s a good sign.


Your family have their values and beliefs, as do childcare providers. Different childcare centres may focus on religion, or on being multi-cultural, on healthy eating and healthy bodies, sustainability, some incorporate these and more. When a childcare centre reflects your values, interests, and beliefs it’s another good sign you’ve found the right childcare.


A good childcare centre will ensure they create an open honest dialogue with you and make it clear that they are available to talk. They will keep you informed and feeling a part of your child’s day.

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Your Child

Keep an eye on your child. If you are seeing positive changes, happiness, a fulfilment, and excitement about their day then you are seeing a good sign that you’ve found the right childcare centre. Keep in mind though that sometimes children need a settling in period and can be upset for a while.

Costs and Extras

We hate to think that we have to consider costs when it comes to our children, but unfortunately most of us do. So, a sign that you have found the right childcare is that you are able to afford it. You’ll find fees vary, due to the extras like food, nappies, and transport that a centre offers. For those parents entitled to the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) some of the costs are re-imbursed by the Government. To find out more about a childcare centre you can research online. For example, someone in Brookvale could use Xplor to find Brookvale Childcare to find childcare in the Brookvale area.

There are many signs that you’ve found the right childcare, the above is just 5 of them. However, the best indicator is you. If your life is that little more at ease and you feel comfortable leaving your child in their childcare centre, then you’ve probably found the right one.