9 Gifts for a Father Who Wants Nothing

9 Gifts for a Father Who Wants Nothing

Every year, you ask your dad what he wants for Father’s Day. And, every year, he responds with “nothing” — or the infamous dad shrug. It’s always so tough to shop for him because you never know what to get him — he doesn’t really need anything, but you know he’d secretly be excited to receive a gift from you for Father’s Day. Dad doesn’t get too many times to be celebrated, but when he does, he deserves to receive something fun, exciting and perfect for him. Here are some gifts that the dad who claims he wants nothing will love!

  • An Apron To Grill With. Your dad probably spends lots of time out at the grill. Even if it’s drizzling outside or starting to get cold, he’s reluctant to let go of the tongs. Why not get him a fun custom apron to wear while he grills? Whether you get him one with his name or one with a funny phrase on it, he’ll wear it with pride because it came from you with love. It’ll keep him free of grease and any other food particles that might go flying in the air while he grills. Then, when he’s finished for the day, he can easily remove the apron to get into party mode!
  • A Pacman Arcade Game Machine. Give him a blast from the past with a PacMan arcade game machine! He’ll love trying to beat his own record, or playing against you or even the grandkids. Be careful with this one, though — he just might disappear for hours on end trying to beat the game. Either way, it’s a fun, retro gift that he’s probably not expecting! If he’s not a PacMan fan, there’s lots of other arcade games from the 80s and 90s that he’d love to have.
  • A Cookbook. Even if your dad doesn’t spend much time in the kitchen, a cookbook is always a good idea — especially because cooking has a variety of benefits. Find one that’s centered around his favorite food — whether that’s beef or pasta or even ice cream, there’s a cookbook out there for him. Who knows? It might even inspire him to get into the kitchen more. For a fun addition, consider including some cookware that will help him create the dishes in the cookbook. That way, he doesn’t have an excuse to not use it!


  • A Classic Board Game. Cleaned out the board game closet when you left for college? Your dad is probably missing his original Monopoly game, or even his game of Yahtzee. Get him a board game to play this Father’s Day! The best part? You can break it out as soon as he opens it!

It’s also a good idea to get him a newer version of a board game he loves, or a specific variation of a brand he likes. You could even try out a new board game if he’s really into board games! Just because we’re in the technology age, it doesn’t mean your dad won’t like a newer board game that he’s never played before.

  • A Blanket. Let’s face it. Your dad probably falls asleep in the recliner every time he puts a movie on the TV. And, every time you go to change the channel, he wakes up just to tell you he was watching the movie and not to change the channel. For those moments, your dad deserves a soft blanket to curl up in.

Why not get him a unique personalized photo blanket so he can snooze during the film in peace? Make it funny by getting him one with just your face on it, or get him one with a photo of the family dog. Either way, the blanket you get him will secretly be his favorite.

  • Landscaping Toolset. If your dad spends a lot of time outside making sure the house has great curb appeal, then a landscaping toolset is the perfect gift for him! Even if he claims he has all the tools he needs, there’s nothing wrong with getting him another set. When his tools eventually break, he can use the set you get him as a backup, or he can switch over to using yours!

Try to include some additional items he doesn’t already have. Even though we all know dads are resistant to change, you’ll probably be surprised one day when you catch him using all the cool tools you get him!


  • Pajama Pants. You dad can never have too many pajama pants! He’s probably always losing some, or he wears one or two pairs so often that they fall apart within a year. Getting him some extra pajama pants will really go a long way in ensuring he can stay comfortable for years to come! Choose a classic flannel pair or go with a fun pattern and color combination that will make him laugh when he opens the box. If you’re really looking to go the extra mile, a matching shirt is a great idea.
  • A Photo Of The Two Of You. Sometimes, the simplest gifts are the best. A photo of the two of you can go a long way to making your dad’s Father’s Day. He’s probably not one for pictures — in fact, your dad probably ducks out of the way of the camera unless he’s taken off guard. Printing out a photo of the two of you and putting it in a sweet personalized photo frame is a great gift to give the dad who claims he wants nothing. He’ll be so surprised at the thoughtfulness of the gift that you might even have to subtly pass him the tissues!
  • A Vintage Turntable. If he’s still got records from his favorite musicians lying around, a vintage turntable is the way to go this Father’s Day! Help him relive his younger years by playing a Metallica vinyl or even something from the Fred Astaire era. He’ll be so happy to have it that you’ll probably find him playing records every night from this point forward.