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Best Board Games for Children to Play This Winter

Winter is usually synonymous with thick snow, hot chocolate, and family members cuddling together. Because everyone spends more time indoors during winter, it is necessary to find some fun activities that everyone can enjoy. Playing board games is a fun activity for the whole family and they can be used as learning tools for smaller children.

With That Being Said, We Are Going to Take a Look at Some Fun Board Games to Try with Children This Winter:

Monopoly- it’s among the most popular board games for the family. Monopoly is a fun take on financial and property management. The learning curve can be a bit steep for smaller children, so allow them to understand the concept of financial math. If the calculation is a bit too complex for them, parents should give a hand. Alternatively, choose Monopoly Junior that is simpler to understand and play for children.

Scrabble- Scrabble is a fun board game for children who are learning to read and write. Children can sharpen their spelling and improve vocabulary with each play. Even parents often find it a challenge to come up with the right words. If it’s a bit too hard for children, parents can help to keep the game fun. There’s also Scrabble Junior that allows children choose shorter and easier words.

Jenga- when playing Jenga, you need to stack blocks strategically to make a tower. Family members take turns to take out one block at a time without causing the tower to tumble. Children can learn to improve their focus and hand-eye coordination. To make it more challenging, put the recently removed block on top of the tower.

Taboo- children will sharpen their visual and communication skills when playing Taboo. Without using related words, children need to guess a word. For small children, this game can be challenging, because they must use creativity and imagination to explain a word. Children can improve their listening skills as well.

Pictionary- just like Taboo, Pictionary can also improve visual skills. Children need to visualise a word, which can be quite hilarious. Children will learn how to creatively give hints of a word by doing things outside the box.

Twister- if the whole family wants to have mindless excitement without strategizing and learning, Twister is an amazing choice. Spin the wheel and have fun with the colourful Twister mat. While having fun, children can keep their competitiveness, enhance hand-eye coordination, and improve balancing skills.

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