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Preparing Your Child For Life After Lockdown

For the most part, it looks as though the world has gotten a handle on the coronavirus pandemic. Social distancing and wearing face masks have made a real difference and the promise of an effective vaccine has ensured that lockdowns will soon be lifted. For many parents and children, that’s real cause to celebrate. The world is opening back up and we can go about our lives again. Or can we?

While some might see this as an opportunity to go back to the way we were just over a year ago, experts see it just a bit differently. Sure, gyms, restaurants, and shopping malls are open again. And, yes, we can go out with friends, enjoy a walk in the park or outdoor concert, and relax a little. But none of this means that we are completely free of the global pandemic, nor does it mean that life is back to normal just yet.

Keeping Ourselves and Our Children Safe

Today we are entering a post pandemic world where COVID is still a real threat and, vaccine or no vaccine, we can still spread the virus to those who have not yet received a vaccine. With that in mind, what should we be doing to keep ourselves and our children safe?

To live successfully in today’s post pandemic world, there are some things that we can to do keep ourselves, our children, and those around us safer. We can start by reminding our children to practice proper hand hygiene methods. Washing their hands regularly or using hand sanitiser will help reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. Another way that we can help reduce the spread of the virus is to continue wearing face masks and practicing social distancing measures. While younger children aren’t required to wear face masks, older ones are. This, combined with regular testing, will ensure that we are able to keep our children safe and healthy while the world returns to normal.

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