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Lunchbox Packing Tips For Parents Of Pre-Schoolers

Lunchboxes aren’t only meant for older kids, but if your kids go to day-care or indulge in lunch at preschool, then you might be preparing and packing lunch boxes for them every day as well. A lot of lunchbox ideas trending online are specifically designed for older kids. However, we have brought you some smart lunchbox packing tips for pre-schoolers that might come of your great help.

The lunchbox packing tips given here would make your lunchbox preparing times full of fun, stress-free, and easy.

Figure Out Your Perfect Packing Time

Mornings are usually chaotic in the houses, with kids and their parents getting ready for school and work respectively. A lot of mums have found out that mornings are not the perfect time for packing lunchboxes. However, you can choose the night to prepare healthy food recipes and pack them inside the lunchboxes. But a lot of parents might feel morning time is the best time to pack lunches, so figure out which ones suit your preference and convenience first.

Rethink the Lunchbox Portions

One of the greatest tips for parents who have troubles making their kids eat the whole tiffin and often encounter unfinished lunchboxes returning home is to slack down the number of lunchbox recipes for kids that you are preparing for them. Huge portions might get overwhelming for kids especially the little ones and it might discourage them to even start having it. Small portions work wonders for lunch box recipes for kids.

Packaging Matters

The pre-schoolers and toddlers might have a difficult time opening complicated and heavy packages. Whenever possible, unwrap the packaged foods. Remember even opening the bananas can get tricky at times, especially for a pre-schooler. You can consider cutting a slit in the stem to make it easier. Also, choose and buy a lunchbox that is easy to open and close. Make them practice opening and closing lunchboxes at home when you buy them before packing lunch in it.

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Look for Choking Hazards

For kids with age groups years and younger, slice the foods into small and eatable portions and avoid packing food items like whole nuts, popcorn, and hot dog chunks, meat chunks, or whole grapes that can get stuck inside the throats and cause an accident.

Involve Your Kids

Most of the kids have a say almost on anything and everything, especially when it comes to food and lunchboxes. While at times this might sound simple to-do stuff in your list, getting your kids to prepare healthy food recipes and packing lunchboxes from a young age might be an amazing option. For pre-schoolers, allow them to make their choices on what food to fill in the compartments of their lunchboxes. Kids get excited to become a part of the lunchbox packing process as they are in the autonomy to choose what they want and what they would eat.

These are some of the best tips for lunchbox packing that wouldn’t just prove helpful in playing a good role in serving the right nutrition for your kids but would also prove effective in making your lunchbox packing time easier and hassle-free.